Vehicle Registration – Replacing Lost Documents in California

Regrettably, we’re all less organized as we wish to think. More often than not, we go ahead and take documents provided to us and put them on the top in our desks or perhaps pile them in to the garage. This could not be any further in the truth with regards to vehicle documents.

Investing in a vehicle

When you purchase an automobile in California, you’ll need the next documents:

A California Title – Signed by the seller and buyer

An Odometer Disclosure – When the vehicle is ten years old or newer

Investing in a vehicle with missing documents

If you’re investing in a vehicle and also the owner doesn’t have the title, you’ll need the next substitute documents:

Application for Duplicate Title (Form REG 227)

Odometer Disclosure – (Form REG 262) Mileage for vehicles ten years or newer

Correctly completing the documents

Not just getting these documents is imperative, nevertheless its meaningless if they’re completed incorrectly. Filling the documents out inaccurately, may cause you money and time. Consider how long people waste browsing line in the Department of motor vehicles only to discover they did everything wrong. Focus on detail is paramount with regards to government documents.

Here are the important details towards the documents described above:

Application for Duplicate Title


Make certain you register the right areas. The Applying for Duplicate Title is formatted similar to the actual California Title. The seller’s details are upon the leading. The buyers signature is upon the rear.

Statement of Details

The Duplicate Title form also offers a piece around the front for that disposition from the original title. You have to choose the correct disposition to inform the condition what occur to the title. When the title was from the condition and it was never received, the condition will issue another title totally free. Other selections involve to not get it in the original owner or indicating the title was lost.

Lien Release

When the vehicle presently includes a lien around the vehicle, the automobile cannot be offered with no lien release. The financial institution or entity maintaining possession from the vehicle must release their interest. This must retain the entities signature and Notary Seal. Without it vital information, you won’t be in a position to obtain possession. NOTE: Effective The month of january 2012, vehicles 2 yrs old or newer, should have the lien release completed online two California Title.

Odometer Disclosure

This document is frequently probably the most forgotten documents. So many people are not aware which vehicles require odometer disclosure. Keep in mind when the vehicle is ten years or newer, you have to disclose. To obtain the year, take away 10 in the current year. Also, make sure to complete the shape completely with dates, signatures and addresses.

Help make your next visit to the Department of motor vehicles simpler by getting all of the necessary documents available before leaving your home and make certain the documents are completed completely.

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