Remember to Ask These Questions to Your Mechanic When You Take Your Car for Service

If my car is functioning well, why do I need to get it serviced? Well, routine maintenance is important for your vehicle. A vehicle that goes through routine maintenance will consume less fuel, run more efficiently and lasts longer. Many are apprehensive about bringing in their car for service due to bad past experience with inefficient mechanics.

Whether you are looking for a major repair or a tune-up, contact a trusted auto mechanic. Do you own an imported car? Before trusting your prized possession with a mechanic, ensure he is trained in handling all repairs. See if he/she is able to answer the following questions.

Questions to ask your mechanic:

  • Do you have experience working on the make and model of my car? There are repair shops that specialize in certain types of cars. Do you own an imported car? There are qualified import mechanics in Denver at Paddock imports. Paddock Imports has been n business for 30 years. There highly trained 8 full-time technicians delivers prompt service. You can put your mind at ease knowing that your car is in safe hands.
  • Can I meet my mechanic? Introduce yourself to the person who is going to be dealing with your car. Build a good relationship with the mechanic.

  • Can you show me the problem? If you are unclear with what’s the underlying issue with your car, ask your mechanic to show it and explain it in layman terms so that you can a better picture of it. Make sure there really is a problem that needs to be attended to.
  • What would likely happen if I postpone the repair? Before you make the decision to go ahead with or ignore a repair, ask about the consequences or what to expect if you ignore a particular problem.
  • What is the warranty of this part? Nothing beats the quality of genuine parts. Ensure the mechanic uses genuine parts that come with warranty. Only then if you encounter a fault part, you’ll be covered when you have it replaced.

  • Do you provide estimate free of cost? If the repair shop charges a fee for examining your car, ask if there would be a flat fee or hourly charge. Do an online research and check the average cost of repairs.
  • Will you inform me regarding unexpected expenses? Request your mechanic to call you if something extra comes up that what was quoted initially.

Your mechanic should be responsive to your questions. Always choose reputed technicians to get your job done.