November 2020


How Can You Ship Your Car in Most Inexpensive Ways?

Nowadays, most professionals often change their jobs and hence they need to move to some new city, state or even country too. For moving their personal belongings and other luggage, they can hire a suitable moving company.

However, as far as their personal vehicle is concerned, they have a choice to either sell their vehicle and buy a new one at their new place or take their old car. If they decide to take their car to a new location, then either they may consider driving all by them or look for services of a certain car shipping company.

If the new location is within 100 to 300 km range then driving the car makes sense, however, for longer distance, it can be too expensive. Particularly if you have got multiple numbers of cars then the costs will be further increased. Therefore, hiring a car shipping Service Company will be the smartest option.

You can use the services of Ship a Car, Inc for transporting your vehicle throughout the United States via an open carrier car transporter which is a cheap car shipping option and also the most popular car shipping services that they can offer.

So, if you have decided to avail services of such a car shipping company then how should you proceed?  The following are a few steps that you must follow for shipping your car most inexpensively.

  • Shortlist a few car shipping companies

You can always do little research on the internet and come across several car shipping companies. Also, you can find their reviews to know about their quality of service. You can shortlist a few of them.

  • Obtain a free quote

You can request all the companies that you have picked to send their quotation for transporting your vehicle after letting them know about full details about your car.

  • Discuss and understand their terms and procedure

After you receive their offer then you may read their terms and conditions. It may be a bit different for different companies and get yourself familiarized with their procedure after discussing it with them.

  • Prefer for open carrier

An open carrier is the most popular option for shipping cars to different places, which is quite safe and also a cheaper option as compared to an enclosed carrier. Unless you have an exclusive or a brand new car, an open carrier will be suitable for any general car.

  • Prefer to book service well in advance

It will be better to book your service well in advance before you move. If you keep it for the last moment then there can be a delay too.

  • Prefer to collect your car from the service provider

The car shipping company can also deliver to your address but then they may charge additionally for that service. Better you collect from their office of the new location.

This is the most popular and most inexpensive way to safely transport your car or cars to your new location. You can keep the contact number of the driver of transport so that you can always know the current location of your car.

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