January 2020


Five Parking Habits that Could be Damaging your Car

Every day, you might be risking damage to your car without even realizing it. Some habits could seriously affect the overall health of your vehicle and decrease its service life. Sometimes, bad driving habits may not be road-related. To ensure your car is always at its top performance and reduce visits to your mechanic, you need to be aware of the driving habits that could be damaging your vehicle. They include the following:

Not Paying Attention to Warning Lights

Warning lights are designed to tell you when something is wrong. You should always pay attention to them even if they could indicate simple things such as a loose gas cap. If you don’t address these warning lights promptly, you could be paying on costly repairs or it could lead to irreparable engine damage. Check the owner’s manual to know what every light means so you can hire a Highline Car Care technician to address a certain problem.


The extra weight would put unnecessary stress on the suspension and braking system of your car. Also, this may force the engine to work hard to push the overloaded car forward. This can wear out the components. You can avoid this by asking the car dealer or researching about the maximum load weight of the vehicle and avoid exceeding the limit.

Driving with the Fuel Light On

The fuel pump of a modern vehicle is located within the gas tank. Fuel serves as a coolant and offers adequate lubrication for the pump. The pump must be kept cool and lubricated. Otherwise, it can overheat and require replacement. You can protect the pump and other components by filling up the car when it reaches a quarter of a tank.

Hard Starts and Stops

While hitting the gas to the floor when the light turns green may seem fun, it can greatly decrease gas mileage. Doing this frequently can cause excessive wear and tear of the braking pads and decrease their service life. Driving your car more consistently will help you avoid unnecessary expenses.

Not Applying the Emergency Brake while your Car is Parked

This bad habit can result in your automatic car moving involuntarily on a slanted surface and wear down its components. Although your car is parked without applying the emergency brake, this puts a huge amount of strain on the parking pawl and prevents the drive wheels from turning. When the parking pawl gets worn out and fails, the parking gear may refuse to function.

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